There are people we come across in our path just because we share our way of going through it. We have met at the right moment and place, by chance and destiny, to create and carry forward this project.
We would like to thank with all our hearts to Magdalena Senestrari, who started Tierra Natural in the 90s, and who was one of the pioneers of Sustainable Tourism in Argentina. Her spirit inspires and guides us to recreate this dream. .

Julieta Salvi:
She has researched and worked in Programs of Sustainable Human Development for ten years. She studied Postgrades in "Sustainable Tourism Management" and "Cultural Diversity and Human Rights, with a specialization in Aboriginal Peoples" at "Fundación Unida". In this area, she works as a Consultant, devoted to activities related to sustainable tourism and local development. She works, in collaboration with several organizations and foundations, on topics connected to social integration based on the recovery and acknowledgment of cultural heritage and the preservation of natural resources. She has managed several projects such as: "Integration - Biodiversity for young people", "Re-creating Tourism" and "Environmental Education for Sustainable Development". She is a Yoga Teacher and a Psycho-Body-centered Counselor, integrating both practices with the proposal of Tierra Natural.

Rossana Pua:
She is a Bachelor in Tourism with a specialization in Hotels. She has taken part in several Workshops and Seminars, such as a Seminar in Rural Tourism and Ecotourism of UNESCO Chair about Cultural Tourism, among others. She has worked with aboriginal communities from Formosa in a research for the implementation of a Touristic Project in "Bañado La Estrella". She does voluntary work in the Natural Reserve of Pilar city, where she has participated in the Project to design interpretation paths and infrastructure and she also takes part in the Recycling and Plant Nursery program.

Román del Giorgio:

Musician, naturalist and bioconstructor . He researches and teaches native Andean music and their philosophy of life.