Our proposal offers experiences which broaden our vision of reality from different perspectives, thus enriching our every day life and helping us open to new ways of connecting with ourselves, with others and with nature.

By principle, in our trips, we choose:
a) Responsible consumption
b) To incentive the prosperity and the socio-cultural well-being of the host communities
c) To spread these concepts to other areas.

Our trips are based on:
- Self-awareness and better life quality
- Awareness of others and respect to different local cultures and communities
- Environmental awareness and respect for nature
- Responsible consumption and local economy development

We invite you to celebrate life in peace and harmony with Mother Nature.


Group Experiences: We invite you to share different trips following our philosophy. Eco-trips, responsible tourism and health-oriented trips invite us to enjoy and explore new paths.

Individual Experiences: We offer you the chance to make up your own trip, considering your needs, your tastes and preferences following the essence of Tierra Natural.

Corporate Experiences: We provide refreshing experiences in nature oriented to relaxation, reflection and/or the learning from experience. We offer the possibility to generate a CSR Program (Corporate Social Responsibility) within your corporation, by using community tourism trips, bio-construction and reforestation of native plants in reserves, among others.

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