> “La Juana” Reserve


The Biosphere Reserve “Delta del Paraná” was declared Biosphere Reserve of Humanity by the UNESCO in the year 2000.


It is located less than 50km away from the city of Buenos Aires. Here there is a protected area suitable for the conservation of the population ofmarsh deer, capybaras, river otters, bobcats, coypus and Wild Turkeys. You can also find particularly interesting ecological places like the last remains of the White Forest or River Forest as well as Kapok woods in recovery.


“Juanita” Country house dates from the beginning of the 20th Century. With over 100 years of history, it was selected by a group of monks to set up their monastery; they used to produce cider. From this period, you can find apple trees, a mill, an economical cooker, barrels and one of the cabins which was refurbished, keeping its style, to give total comfort to its guests.



Cabins have an island style and canaccommodate 2, 4 and 6 people. They are equipped with grill, kitchen, TV and DVD, Paraguayan chair, mosquito nets and gallery.


“La Juana” consists of over 60 hectares, surrounded by exuberant nature, floating marine and mooring for boats, a large roofed dock, two beaches, a large swimming pool with a deck and solarium, Paraguayan Hammocks, beach chairs, two Canadian canoes to row along the river Carabelas or to go into the Toledo stream, over 5km of trekking paths through the varied island environment such as marsh, sugar-cane plantation, grassland, estuary, forest, woods and gallery forest with a wide range of flora and fauna to watch.



Breakfast included as well as private transfer from Escobar Port (La Reserva’s private motorboat)     

6 people, $400 each (si es cada una hay q agregar each)
4 people, $500 each
2 people, $700each    

Ask about the sailing boat transfer option and about the option of spending only daytime!